Project Description



The purpose of training is to inform employees of their responsibilities and have a knowledge of fire safety. Staff must be aware of the role they play in the event of an emergency and be informed of the plan of action during emergency situations. The important information discussed should include Potential hazards and hazard-preventing actions, alarm systems and communication process. Being a qualified fire instructor I design courses to suit the needs of clients.  Basic courses are a foundation for all staff and are required by law.

Training Courses

Basic Fire Awareness

The purpose of this basic fire awareness training is to give participants skills, knowledge and expertise that will enable them to understand causes of fire, know how to identify different types of fire extinguishers and their classes, respond appropriately to fire emergencies and follow the Emergency Response Plan, and adequately implement fire Emergency Procedures.

Fire Warden Course

The important role that fire wardens play in ensuring your business is prepared for any type of emergency should not be underestimated. Along with your Emergency Response Plan, fire wardens are an important risk control measure to ensure that your workplace is prepared should an emergency situation occur potentially a fire, that instruction regarding evacuation of occupants safely is paramount.

Emergency Response Team Training

TSS Emergency Response Team Training is specifically designed for business that would benefit from, or require an ERT to respond to potential incidents for immediate control.  The ERT is for business that requires a professional response & attitude to incidents or audited by external bodies. ERT courses give that professional approach to Emergencies.  Designed for high-risk sites or incidents that threaten workers safety or assets that need to be dealt with swiftly and professionally.