Project Description

Evacuation Drills


Many people look upon fire drills as something of a joke or an inconvenience.   The purpose of an Evacuation Drill is to evaluate your written Procedure and or Emergency Response Plan and not your employees.   This information is instructed to staff during all fire training courses even if they don’t have a specific role in the evacuation.  Evacuation Drills should give you an indication of how well that procedure works and the role your employees play in the overall response to an emergency.  It indicates to interested parties the importance an employer gives to fire safety and can reflect in both you & your staff’s attitude and response to emergencies and not just a smoke break.

By performing regular Evacuation Drill it also allows you to modify the procedure or plan should problems be encountered during that evaluation.  I have performed evacuation exercises for many years in all types of business.  Prior to the drill a pre drill inspection takes place where  I observe risks present that day and base the scenario for the drill on that risk giving a sense of realism.